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To make sure that we provide you with the best experience we wanted to outline a few important details about the event. Please read the information below.

For a quick list of what NOT to bring click here to see the list at the bottom.

  1. BRING IDENTIFICATION: You will not be allowed into the event without a current Driver's License. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. NO INS AND OUTS: There will be no ins and outs at this event. If you leave for any reason you will not be allowed back in. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. TICKETS READY: Please remember to have your ticket either printed out or easily accessible on your phone with a valid form of identification (This event is 21+ Only)! If you are using mobile check in, be sure to turn the brightness on your phone up so that the scanners can read the barcode.

  4. DRESS APPROPRIATELY: The event is located on the beachfront and you are allowed in the water so swimwear is acceptable, however it will get cold later on so bring jackets.

  5. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS: You are not allowed to bring any liquid or food into the event. There will be Food and Drinks available on site for purchase.

  6. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! We encourage you to use car-sharing services like UBER or Lyft for the day. You can even bike to the event! If you do decide to drive, there is plenty of parking on-site. But please don't drink and drive.

  7. BAGS IN THE EVENT: We will allow bags into the event. Camelbaks are NOT allowed, please leave them at home or in your car. All bags are subject to search. DO NOT bring any illegal substances into the event. THERE ARE NO LOCKERS AVAILABLE.

  8. CASH OR CHARGE: There will be some ATM's on-site the day of the event, but we will be accepting credit cards at the bars and food trucks! Please make sure to bring cash to expedite your celebration with your favorite food and beverages.

  9. LOST AND FOUND: If you find any lost items please turn it in at the front check-in area. If you lose any items you may check with Lost and Found during the event or contact 714.317.7303 after the event ends.

  • Camelbaks
  • Food or Drinks
  • Pets (Service Animals Okay)
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal Substances
  • Weapons or Sharp objects
For any questions please contact: info@socialmgmtgrp.com
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